Chowiz Pte Ltd

Chowiz Pte Ltd is an IT-enabler and Systems Integrator with experience in deploying applications using EZ-Link card. As a pioneer, we have successfully launched a suite for the education sector, encompassing canteen management, micropayment, attendance tracking, access control management, electronic bookshop and electronic report books.

Our applications are built on ChowPlatform, an open technology that is secure, scalable and compatible with other technologies, supported by PEOPLEWARE, HARDWARE and SOFTWARE.

PEOPLEWARE - our dedicated and patient sales and support staff who will provide consultancy and training for users, vendors and management
HARDWARE - customized hardware solutions; these include CSC readers, interactive touch-screen kiosk solutions, network surveillance cameras, standalone clients and digital networks.
SOFTWARE - proprietary software that are customized to the needs and wants of the consumers.

Our current commercial products include Door Access Control System and PC Point-of-Sales Solution. Both products can deploy the EZ-Link card as the access card. Contact us for other turn-key solutions using card technology.